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Mona — innovative health system

21-day marathon formed by a set of programs

  • Training
  • Stretching
  • Nutrition and 24/7 coach support
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Mona features

  • Train at any place 30 mins daily via online platform, detailed video courses, and Bootcamp Mentors Chat Support
  • Simple diet and shopping list to replace your products and get fit easily
  • Special stretching training system helping to get fit faster and increase your body health
  • Only basic training without hard workout, no trainer needed with MONA!
  • Each part of the program is held by specialized champion mentor
  • Track your progress online on a platform

4 steps to the best version of you

  • Registration
    Choose an appropriate program and register
  • Fee
    Pay for your program via Wayforpay – one of the safest anonymous payment services
  • Personal cabinet
    Get an e-mail with accesses to the closed groups and the guidance to further actions
  • Workout
    Start a new lifestyle with Mona
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Professional trainers

They developed for you a perfectly elaborated program for achieving the goals set during 1 marathon.

Let’s start together! We will take care of your motivation, plan of online training, and nutrition. You owe us just a little – desire to change.

High-class nutrition expert

She will give you a comprehensive nutrition plan for the whole marathon, so you can make it faster in a more delicious and vibrant way.

100% anonymous support

You will join the Telegram channel to get expert assistance and measure your results totally anonymously.

Personal cabinet to achieve your goals

  • Nutrition
  • Training plan
  • Reports

Your personal cabinet with nutrition plan, exercises and reports

Choose a program
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Package types

Basic $29
  • Choose
  • What You Get
  • 21-day Bootcamp training program
  • Anonymous chat for participants to stay connected in motivation and support
  • Control of the measurements
  • Self-care instructions
  • Checklist of the stop products
  • Stretching program (Basic)
  • Nutrition plan (7 days)
Full $69
  • Choose
  • What You Get
  • Includes all Mini benefits
  • Stretching program (Full)
  • Nutrition plan (Full 21 days)
  • Shopping list
  • Fit body makes great mind, for even better results our bookset «Confident woman you were always supposed to be»
Premium $259
  • Choose
  • What You Get
  • Includes all Top Fit benefits
  • 21-day training program (Individual)
  • Nutrition plan (Individual)
  • Priority private chat
  • Skype meeting with Mentors Team weekly

MONA Mission

We are looking forward to provide brand new health system based not only on trainings, but all required habits to develop through 21-days marathons based on online video courses and recommendations from top level world-wide sports & health specialists.

Start with choosing a program. New life can`t wait for you.

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Here you can find the answers to the most frequent questions

Can I change my nutrition plan during the month?

We recommend holding to your nutrition plan, as it will highly influence the results. However, our nutrition expert is always ready to consult the Guru and Elite program participants about the product substitutions.

Do you have any age limits or restrictions?

We welcome everyone aged 16 and above. No upper-age limit defined.

What do I need to start home workouts?

No special sports equipment required. Your set of training activities will make the best out of your own body weight or regular household items: bottles filled with water, a chair and a mat.

How can I be sure that your live chat is actually anonymous?

Exclusive and completely private Telegram live-chat, created by our team, allows you to use an alias. No real personal or contact information revealed.

Will I be measuring food?

No, we’ve done all the job by defining portion sizes in an easy and convenient way. No scales required.

How long does it take to see an actual result?

Generally, you can see them quite fast. Yet we always stress out, that it all depends on your genetics, metabolic rate and individual fitness level.

Can I eat something outside of my prescribed meal plan?

Foods, that are not included in your personal diet plan, are allowed. However, they might have a significant impact on the final result of the program. So, the choice is yours.

I have a certain health condition/chronic illness/ disability. Can I still train with you?

If you have any health issues, restriction or general doubts, we suggest that you talk to your doctor or physician before starting the exercise program.

Can I swap meal plans during the month?

We recommend your sticking to the initial one, as it has a crucial impact on the final outcome. Yet our nutritionist is ready to advise Guru or Elite program members upon any food substitutions and replacements.

Have any questions?

Contact us and we will answer you in a moment
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